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ok hey so it was suggested to me by my girl rachel to post my favorite blogs, so i’m gonna. these are my most reblogged from, most admired, most enjoyed, most loved blogs of the 77 i apparently follow in alphabetical order. here’s to you guys :) yell at me if you suspect i forgot you…


Thank you very much ⊙∀⊙

"I’ll tell you something banal. We’re emotional illiterates. And not only you and I — practically everybody, that’s the depressing thing. We’re taught everything about the body and about agriculture in Madagascar and about the square root of pi, or whatever the hell it’s called, but not a word about the soul. We’re abysmally ignorant, about both ourselves and others. There’s a lot of loose talk nowadays to the effect that children should be brought up to know all about brotherhood and understanding and coexistence and equality and everything else that’s all the rage just now. But it doesn’t dawn on anyone that we must first learn something about ourselves and our own feelings. Our own fear and loneliness and anger. We’re left without a chance, ignorant and remorseful among the ruins of our ambitions. To make a child aware of it’s soul is something almost indecent…How can you understand other people if you don’t know anything about yourself? Now you’re yawning, so that’s the end of the lecture."
Ingmar Bergman (via reversedmetaphors)

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